Today is our one year wedding anniversary! (: 

It is so strange waking up without a baby! But kind of lovely, too (: I can’t wait to go pick him up though. I’m so grateful to have so much family around that would love nothing more than to have him overnight every once in a while, I really needed a break. It’s also nice, because it is helping me cut the cord a little bit, and allowing me to learn how to be a wife, not just a mother (despite what anyone else thinks, that is important for a marriage to work). 
We went and had hibachi last night, and then we came home and cleaned and did dishes together (my FIL fixed our sink last night while we were out!) and then stayed up until 1 together and then cuddled all night (: I kind of liked having zero responsibilities (except for pumping). We will definitely do it more often now that I know I can survive a night without Ryder! It helps having a mother in law who follows all of my parenting styles (co-sleeping, BLW, etc) so I know he is so happy and in wonderful hands. My FIL is also obsessed with him, so I know he’s at least got his eyes on him at all time!
Okay time to finish cleaning the house and go pick up Ryder (: 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! 

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