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I’m pissed off for such a selfish reason, someone hear me out lol.
Alllllll week I’ve been juggling school and errands…and instead of dumping Ryder on Jp when he gets home, I’ve kept him with me so he could relax because tomorrow and Friday I wanted him to watch him a little extra so I could have some time to myself (I have a 3 hour class tomorrow night and work all night Friday at a new job so I’m very anxious about both) and guess whaaaaat happens…
JP’s boss called him (like boss’s boss’s boss) and invited him to the dinner at Benihana and then the freaking cowboys game tomorrow night so he won’t be able to watch Ryder at all. So not only do I have a laundry list of things to do tomorrow, I now have to tack on trying to find a babysitter while also squeezing in extra drive time because anyone that CAN watch Ryder lives at least 25 miles south from campus (which is already about 20 miles south from my house). And with all the construction and road closures, I’m looking at an extra 2 hours I have to find just to get from one place to another. And I have to find some way to get ready? And ugh it’s just a thing…but this is a huge opportunity for him because his boss asked HIM out of like 40 other employees to go with him…he feels kind of bad about it already so I’m not going to open my mouth or complain about it to him, and I feel terrible feeling secretly upset about it.

But, ya know.

And most of them are from either pregnant first time mothers or people who don’t even have kids.
When you do eventually have your baby, and you breastfeed, bring your baby and your nursing cover to Texas, in August, and see how that goes.

Spoiler alert, princess, it won’t fucking go.

By insinuating that a women who is nursing in public has no self respect, you are stating that the act of nursing a sexual thing. While some men and women may find sexual arousal from breasts, that’s not why they fucking exist.

If you don’t want to nurse in public then don’t. But if another woman does, don’t turn it into a negative fucking thing when that woman is doing a wonderful job at being a mother all because you’re offended that you think you maaaaybe saw 1/18th of a nipple for 2 seconds.

I’ve bit off a little more than I can chew with school. I think I would actually save more time by actually going to class than doing online classes. I’ve spent 6 hours on one class and 4 on another, I haven’t even started the last two.

And then I start my new job Friday, which I’m super duper nervous about. Cause, ya know, it’s new. No one likes change.

And next week begins a shlooooo of appointments…Monday, I meet with the baker to add a few details to my cake, and then to my MIL’s for about 7 hours to do schoolwork. Tuesday, I have a hair appointment at 11, and then I have to race to my mom’s to take her to the gym, and then take Ryder’s tux in for alterations. Wednesday is my final dress fitting at 11, and then I have to jet back up here to get an airbrush tan, and then put in another 7 hours for school. Thursday, I have to get my nails done, and then take my mom to the gym and her other errands, then I have to go to my 6 o’clock class (that lasts until NINE!)! Friday, I took off of work to do some extra schoolwork/pumping because Saturday is my “bachelorette” party. 1/3 of my bridesmaids are under 21, so we can’t go to any clubs/bars…not that I would want to anyway. Ever since I’ve had Ryder, I can’t picture myself getting drunk or licking strippers or any of that nonsense. I don’t like getting drunk anyway. I will also have Ryder afterward anyway, I don’t want to waste milk.

Then, next week is the week of the wedding. 0_0

Excuse me while I hyperventilate.

Anonymous said : Did you ever have any breastfeeding complications 

Some! Ryder started out with a reeeeeal bad latch and I was entirely too stubborn to get it fixed/too lazy to use lanolin the first night. The first night I had him, he ate pretty much every 40 minutes, so by the time I had brought him home, I was almost done breastfeeding! Worst pain I’d ever felt (even after just enduring childbirth!) so my advice to alllllllllll new moms is 1. get baby’s latch checked by a nurse/consultant, especially if something doesn’t feel right and 2. USE THE SHIT OUT OF SOME LANOLIN and get the gel pads and everything…especially if your fair/sensitive skinned like I am, it’s going to be uncomfortable either way starting out. It is a damn miracle I made it through the first couple of weeks, I remember literally banging my head on a wall to divert my attention from the pain I felt nursing!

blondeshavemorefunxd said : I'm so happy your husband is ok! Now you can enjoy getting ready for your wedding ceremony! :) 

YES! Thank you! I know, I’m so excited now! The good news was about a million pounds off our shoulders!