Anonymous said : When are you going to try to conceive again? Are you hoping for another boy or a girl? (Don't say you don't care as long as it's healthy lol) are you going to keep trying until you get a girl or just quit at two? And are there any things you're going to do differently with the next baby? 

We aren’t totally sure! No sooner than before Ryder’s first birthday. After that though it’s kind of in the air! I kind of want a fall baby, but I also want Ryder to be at least 2 by the time the baby is here…and I don’t wanna wait til he’s too old! If we have a boy next we will most likely try for a girl, but if it’s a girl we are finished! The only thing I would do differently is to be more calm about things and enjoy them more. And be more liberal with the lanolin the first weeks so that I can enjoy the tiny squishy phase!

One of my best friends is pregnant with her rainbow baby and it’s a BOY! I’m so freakin excited 💙💙💙 I wish she had a tumblr hahaha